Denon S-52 set to rock


denon-s-52.jpgDenon has a spanking new audio system that aims to keep just about any audiophile happy, courtesy of its many features that have been crammed into something as small as this compact stereo. Dubbed the Denon S-52, this home audio device brings together a radio, CD player, an iPod dock and wireless audio streaming in a tiny but dynamite package.

With the Denon S-52, chances are you won’t run out of material for your listening pleasure as you will be able to have access to your large CD collection which you have painstakingly amassed over the years, while should you actually opt to listen to what’s hot on current airwaves, there are always AM, FM and HD Radio broadcasts to choose from, complete with RDS track information. The Denon S-52 in Europe will support DAB instead of HD Radio, making it friendly on both continents. In addition to its slot-loading CD player, it does CDs that hold regular WMA and MP3 files as well as a testament to its versatility.

For folks who prefer to store their music collection on portable media players like the iconic iPod and computers, the S-52 does not disappoint. It is also compatible with MP3, AAC, M4A and FLAC file formats, boasting the capability to connect to over 7,000 Internet streaming radio stations for your listening pleasure. Just in case you happen to be one of the rare few who do not rely on an iPod for all your portable audio needs, there is always a USB port and a mini-audio jack on the S-52 for you to hook up to.

A pair of 2.75″ long throw drivers and a passive 3″ radiator on the bottom cater to the S-52’s aural capability, backed by 20-watts of amplification and robust digital signal processing and equalization capabilities. You can pick up the Denon S-52 for $699 when it is released this winter.

Source: Technabob

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