Big Button Controller for your XBox 360

by Carolyn

bigbutton.jpgRecently, the demo for the game Scene It! was released on the XBox Live Marketplace. Being the thrifty consumer that I am, I downloaded the free demo so I could try the game before I bought it.

It was a typical, lowest common denominator type of trivia game created to encompass the broadest possible audience. Being a geek who has lots of specialized, obscure trivial knowledge, this frustrated me.

However, if I would have to use Microsoft’s new Big Button Controller to play the game rather than the regular gamepad, I would revolt. Looking like something from Fisher Price rather than Microsoft Game Studios, each controller has a giant color-coded button at the top to correspond to “buzzing in” when you want to answer the question at hand. The four smaller color buttons will correspond to the answer you want to select. It connects wirelessly to your 360 and I’m assuming it runs on AA batteries just like the regular wireless controller.

Lucky for the consumer, these four controllers come bundled with the Scene It! game for $60. No reports whether or not you can buy these controllers separately, but it seems to be an indication of Microsoft’s desire to get a toehold into the “casual gaming” market that Nintendo and the Nintendo Wii have such a huge hold of right now.

Purchase Scene It! with the four Big Button controllers for $59.99 at any online or brick and mortar store that sells games on Thursday November 8th.

[Via Kotaku]

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