USB Ferris Wheel provides visual entertainment with incoming calls

USB Ferris Wheel

They say that some people learn better visually, so it would seem possible that these people also enjoy visual stimulants as opposed to say, audio. Following this line of thought, these same people might enjoy seeing their phone ring rather than actually hearing it. How would one see a phone ring you ask? With a USB Ferris Wheel of Course!

Someone over at Connectland must have decided that there aren’t enough practical gadgets for one to sit on their desk. Certainly there aren’t enough amusement park-themed devices that one can use in everyday situations. Though details are sparse, we know that this Ferris Wheel connects to your PC, and spins when a call comes in. There’s no word on how this would interface with your phone, so it may only work for VoIP phones.

This appears to be one of those gadgets that you’d pick up for someone that you didn’t know very well. With the holiday season coming up, this might make a perfect gift for Bob over in accounting. His cubicle looks pretty dull, and this would certainly add some life to it. The USB Ferris Wheel can be yours for just $27 from USB Geek found via EverythingUSB