Latest Tech News – 2 November


  • Stephen Colbert out of presidential race, but loyal Facebook fans resist

The amusing comedian and TV star Stephen Colbert, who runs the Colbert Report show on Comedy Central, has been kicked out of the 2008 Presidential race by the Democratic folks of South Carolina. The decision took place yesterday and the final result was 13 votes against him, and only 3 votes in favor of letting the star continue the so called race.

Meanwhile, many of the people on the Facebook group that support Colbert didn’t like the decision. Knowing that the “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert” Facebook group has around 1,300,000 members, I’d say the power of the masses (and the social network website) should be taken into consideration. Rock on, Facebook!

My favorite quote by one the members of the group:

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be governor of California, then Stephen Colbert can certainly be president. What’s wrong with these people?

  • Manhunt 2 game hacked to show uncensored scenes

Manhunt 2 – a “violent” game that is banned on the UK and has a M (of mature) rating on the US, has been hacked to show scenes that are suppose to be hidden. The alleged scenes were edited out by Take-Two Interactive, in order for the game to receive the M rating, instead of AO (adults only). But at the same day that Manhunt 2 was launched on the US, yesterday, some smart people were able to hack it and find out the hardcore scenarios of violence, also known as the uncensored version. Obviously, this kind of information (read hack) is now available on the series of tubes that we call internet.

Source – CNet and GameSpot

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer