The Intelligent Umbrella That Has You Covered

Intelligent Umbrella
There are products out there in the world that you think “we’ve done all we could to make the ultimate product”. For me, umbrellas are one of those things. Starting out as a large, unwieldy thing that could double as a walking stick, umbrellas throughout the years have developed and upgraded to higher tech fabrics, stronger and lighter construction, and more compact to carry along with you.

But the folks over at Think Geek have found a way to upgrade the seemingly un-upgradeable umbrella. The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella has been pumped up with tons of technology in its handle.

A built-in wireless receiver gets a daily weather forecast from, and blue LEDs will flash to let you know if the forecast is rain or snow. The LEDs located at the bottom of the handle will flash in proportion to the chance of precipitation for your area; if there is a 100% chance, it will flash quickly, and if a 10% chance, it will flash slowly.

Not only that, but when opened, the umbrella’s dual-canopy is a generous 58″ across and features a “gust buster” design that will keep you dry and also from having an umbrella pointing up the wrong way after a good burst of wind destroyed your portable shelter. If you’ve ever had that happen to you, you’ll pay extra for that feature too.

This marvel of modern technology uses one “C” sized battery (not included) and measures 41.5″ x 58″ when opened. Buy it at Think Geek for $99.99.

You’ll never have to hold your hand out to see if it’s raining again!