More Bio Gas alternatives coming online for small business owners

by James

Bio Box 1

With oil prices soaring to over a hundred dollars a barrel, it only makes sense that small business operators to consider alternative forms of energy to power their small-moderate sized fleet of cars or trucks. Deliveries can be expensive. So why not jump on the bio diesel bandwagon and convert that used French fry oil into energy? Up until now, the stumbling block has been the home brewed movement was too small while large bio diesel factories were too large to adequately supply the needs of a moderately sized business. Then PNEs BIO BOX came along.

Custom built to meet the unique needs of each small business, the BioBox basic design consists of four 20-foot cargo containers, the BioBox houses a bio diesel converter/reactor, hazmat storage container and two 6,000 gallon storage tanks.

BioBox 2

“There are an increasing number of biodiesel companies now, but these companies generally cater to small-scale experimenters and users, or multi-million dollar plants,” said Eric McLeod, PNE’s founder and CEO. “I believe that mid-market biodiesel production has been completely overlooked. These clients have everything to gain by producing biodiesel in a location that’s convenient for them, and then using it to power their trucking fleets – not to mention being a pioneer in what I think will be the standard for waste vegetable oil recycling.”

Not only does BioBox make sense financially, but the environmental benefits are obvious. Bio Diesel produces lower vehicle emissions which will reduces air pollution and greenhouse gases. And being custom built, the BioBox allows for local conditions and availability.
Now if PNE could come up with a home version for the average Joe who wants to go green, the oil companies would really get nervous!

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John S. Says: March 4, 2010 at 1:57 am

this is a very brilliant idea. I am looking into this myself. I have always been a fan or alternative energy, re use , recycling, and i think this will really help in my finances. Though i am just wondering if this as available as the others?

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