BiCygnals makes cycling safer

by James

With gas hovering around three dollars a gallon (US), it only makes sense that more and more commuters would chose to get some exercise and ride their bikes to work and school. But with Daylight Savings time right around the corner (Sunday), most will end up coming home riding their bikes in the dark. When riding a bike, you need to be able to signal the cars behind you in traffic your intentions. Usually, you point to the right with your hand to turn right, point your hand in the air to turn left, and point down to your side to signal stop. But if you’re riding home in the dark, the cars behind you may not be able to see that. Enter BiCygnals.

Made of super bright LED lights, BiCygnals consist of a set of left and right signal indicators connected wirelessly. The cyclist signals a left hand turn and the rear Cygnal reacts wirelessly in concert with the front signal, which is triggered by the cyclist. Also included is a bright red stop signal to let them know you’re slowing down to a halt at the next stop light. And the LED front rack also comes with a very bright rack to light your way.

BiCygnals are powered by 4 ‘AA’ Batteries in Front Unit and 4 ‘AAA’ Batteries in the smaller Rear Unit. They even have a low battery warning light so you can slip into a nearby store to reload on the way home (too bad it isn’t pedal powered).
The oval-shaped BiCygnals clip together and fit into a nice carrying case for easy storage and cost a very affordable $84.00.

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