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acurt-im5.jpgAt the rate the world is going these days, it isn’t exactly safe any more for anyone to walk through alleys at night, especially when one is of the fairer sex. You never quite know what might happen and which crazed psycho is hiding around the corner, waiting for a victim to walk by before springing up behind her for a sneak attack. For those who are in a situation where they are faced with a pesky attacker, what are some of the things one can do? Screaming like a banshee for help is one, and learning martial arts is another – although the latter would take years of training before it becomes a confidence booster. The easy way out would be the Avurt IM-5 launcher.

This flashlight-sized device is a non-lethal self-defense gizmo that features superior range when compared to Tasers and aerosol-based pepper spray, featuring a laser sighted launcher that shoots pellets filled with PAVA power. It has a maximum shooting distance of up to 40 feet (that is a good 3 meters more than a Taser), capable of burning the eyes, nose and throat of the target in order to buy you time as you make a quick getaway to the nearest police station.

The Avurt IM-5 launcher is designed by Security With Advanced Technology, utilizing the same effective pepper substance found in aerosol based weapons, but equipped with the advantage of superior range. This ensures you don’t have to tempt fate as you can quickly neutralize anyone bearing down on you from afar. Your aim has to be pretty good though, so it would be in your best interest to remain calm even in the most pressured of situations. Life ain’t no video game, so you have got to shoot each of the five PAVA filled pellets carefully and accurately. Should the assailant actually fight against the PAVA effect, rest assured that the sting of the plastic shells will more than do their part in acting as a secondary deterrent. You can always fold it away when not in use, and you won’t run the risk of discharging it accidentally. Choose from black, blue, red or pink colors. Each purchase will come with 10 practice rounds, a carrying case, a training DVD and an instruction manual.

Source: Gizmag

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Dave Says: November 1, 2007 at 2:50 pm

There’s already a solution for neutralizing, at long range, attackers who wish you bodily harm. It’s called a firearm.

Neagle Says: November 1, 2007 at 4:11 pm

Guess thats cool if your state doesn’t have a good old conceal and carry law.

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