The Dot Matrix Wallet

by Carolyn

Dotmatrix Wallet
I’m old enough to remember those old dot matrix printers that used the long stacks of continuous feed paper with the holes punched on the side to feed through the printer. That *gzzt gzzt grrgzzt gzzt* sound was one that made you think “this 30 page document is going to take a while…I think I’ll go get some coffee”.

Now that there are super-fast laser printers, these marvels of yesteryear are quickly being forgotten by Generation Y. But now, you can own a slice of that forgotten time. Dynomighty Design, NYC offers a number of wallets made of Tyvek:

“Tyvek feels like paper but it is actually made of thousands of long plastic fibers creating a surface that is both lightweight and durable yet super thin and tear resistant.”

My favorite out of all of them is the Dot Matrix Billfold. The pattern featured on this wallet is the first 3,000 digits of pi printed in the classic dot matrix font. Nerd Nirvana.

This wallet has been designed with no stitches (meaning there are no stitches to rip out), and uses a folded design that will allow the wallet to expand gradually and will hold up to 25 credit cards. Also, the Tyvek material will wear in and soften with use, but still retains it’s structural integrity.

The Dot Matrix Billfold is thin, tough and made of 25% post-consumer recycled content, environmentally friendly and can even be recycled when you’re finished with it.

Other wallet sized and designs are available, including ones that look like a folded envelope, faux leather, currency, faux wood and folded magazine paper.

This tri-fold wallet measures 3.25″ by 8″ when opened and retails for $15.00 over at Dynomighty Design, NYC.

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