PayPal runs survey for shoppers


PayPal has just run a Holiday Survey and found out some pretty interesting figures. Here they are for your perusal.

The survey found discrepancies between men and women when it came to who tops their shopping lists. While both men and women agree that their significant other is the most difficult person to shop for during the holiday season, 34 percent of males said they actually enjoyed shopping for their partner, compared to just 17 percent of women. However, females are 30 percent more likely than males to enjoy shopping for their kids.

The Nielsen survey also revealed that more shoppers are playing it safe this holiday season by buying gift cards, rather than purchasing tailored gifts for their loved ones. In fact, 64 percent of shoppers said they plan to give gift cards. But recipients don’t seem to mind. Fifty seven percent of respondents said they would actually prefer to receive money or a gift card in place of the traditional present.

Do you think the results of this survey are totally untrue, somewhat true, or hits home when you read it? Will it influence your purchasing decisions?