Glowing Eyeballs

by Carolyn


When you just can’t get enough macabre for Halloween, you can head on over to X-treme Geek to pick up a 3 pack of Glow in the Dark Eyeballs.

They must be designed using Super Balls, because the description states that they are “super bouncy”. They also suggest that you hide them in corners for when the lights go out for some “great fun.” However, I think I have a much better idea: I would buy a couple of sets and place them in pairs around a room, on bookshelves, above curtains, under the entertainment center and THEN turn out the lights. The scare would be complete with some fine acting by yours truly to make it seem that there are creatures of the night watching us! It would be brilliant!

Sold in a 3 pack for the low, low price of $2.49. At that price, you can buy more than one set.

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