TokBox heralds video and voice calling on meebo platform


TokBox aims to revolutionize communication between humans by being a communication service that enables folk to talk over live video with a single click of the mouse button. The TokBox has been launched today, making it the first voice and video calling product to be made available on the meebo Platform. For those who have a rightful phobia of signing up for various services unnecessarily, breathe easy. TokBox does not require any form of registration, download, installation or configuration since it has been seamlessly integrated into millions of meebo conversations.

According to Seth Sternberg, CEO and co-founder, meebo, “At meebo, our mission is to connect people live on the Web. The integration of TokBox into the meebo Platform will help connect millions of people in live, face-to-face voice and video contact every day. TokBox’s video calling application inside of meebo brings us one large step closer to becoming the Web’s live interaction destination.”

Nielsen and NetRatings have done a study on meebo and has deemed it to be the fastest growing IM destination in the US – and that’s saying a whole lot considering it has some pretty stiff competition from the likes of Google Talk and Skype. meebo is rather similar to cellphones and social networks where near-ubiquitous adoption is concerned, with a user base of approximately 500 million people worldwide. TokBox aims to take advantage of this massive userbase by making communication much more personal, allowing you to view your family members, friends, co-workers or even new acquaintances (checking out that new secretary, eh?) no matter which part of the planet you’re currently at right now.

Other interesting features of TokBox include the ability to send videomail to anyone with an email address, as well as embedding video communication into any website (e.g. blogs, social networks or dating sites).

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