Remote controlled Roboscorpion will terrorize your living room



We all know that the holiday season is fast approaching, which is always a tough time of the year. Kids have it easy, all they have to do is open presents and remember to say thank you. However those of us that are all grown up have to purchase said gifts. Of course there’s always that one nephew that you have no idea what to get. He’s too old for toys, and you’re not close enough to him to spend any decent money on a cool gadget or video game. Your best bet is to get him something completely off-the-wall. Something like a robotic scorpion should do the trick.

Sure, the Roboscorpion might not have a lot of practical uses, but who cares? Not many people can say that they have a remote-controlled robot that looks and acts like a real scorpion. Yes, I’m sure little Timmy would enjoy it much more if the stinger actually stung and poisoned people, but since you’re related to his parents, it’s probably best that it does no such thing.

There actually isn’t a lot of information available on the Roboscorpion, however, we do know that its movement was actually modeled after real scorpions. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a battery charger and a remote control. This terrifying mechanical monster can be yours for just $30.

Source: GizmoWatch

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