Oral Hygiene Monitor


As far as technology goes, toothbrushes and other oral hygiene technology has hit a dead end. Seems like every day I see ads for new toothbrush technology promising to make our teeth cleaner, and I can’t help but wonder what more can be improved on simple brushing and flossing. Some of the stuff these toothbrush manufacturers come up feels made up, a product of an R&D Department with way too much time on their hands.

However, I believe that dental technology will make a new strides with the Oral Hygiene Monitor. Although in concept stage now, I can totally see Crest or Colgate getting their hands on it and promoting the heck out of it.

The Oral Hygiene monitor consists of a monitoring device that can be kept on the bathroom mirror. A removable metal plate is taken by the user, and then he or she bites down on it. Somehow the tech in this can scan your pearly whites and determine if you have been brushing and/or flossing.

This information is then stored, and can even be sent to the dentist. The dentist can monitor the information on his or her computer, and save you from a truckload of guilt when you make your regular six-month visit. I can only assume the Oral Hygiene monitor transmits this information with some Wi-Fi or other wireless technology.

Considering what this device can do, as well as its ability to transmit, I cannot imagine what the price would be. I’m thinking that it might be too expensive for the regular customer, so even if it makes it past the design stage to full-scale mass production, I’m not certain if anyone is willing to pay a little extra for cleaner teeth. Of course, the desire for cleaner teeth is the only thing that keeps the oral hygiene business rich.