Wild: Art Lebedev’s Verspertilium clothes peg

by Andi

Yes, what you see in the picture above is a clothes peg with bat wings. The team at art.lebedev have done a quick, but nevertheless cool one. The challenge was to come up with something before October 31st in time for Halloween. And this is it.

A simple plastic peg, with wings. It’s got quite a bit of the “LOL effect”, I think. And besides that, when hanging upside down it even looks a bit like a bat.

Here’s the official description:

Inexpensive plastic Vespertilium clothes-pegs remind your neighbors that your laundry is Halloween-ready..

Check out the product page for two big pictures.

One review or comment

Aunt R Says: January 18, 2008 at 9:11 pm

I want some of these to keep the altar-boys cottas from slipping off the hangars when they are crammed into the sacristy closets at our church. We presently have ordinary plastic clothes pins which the boys forget to use, so that the cottas slide off the hangers onto the floor where they get all wrinkled. Bat pins the boys would use because they’re cool, and would look hilarious in the closet when in use. –Church Lady

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