Tower Clock: another version of the gear clock

by Andi

clock3.jpgGear clocks, where the dial rotates on a little cog and shows the hour, are a pretty interesting design, and still rare and original. We’ve reported on one before, but that was not exactly a stylish time piece, but rather a big ring made of plastic.

This one comes as a small (17 cm tall) desk clock, with a turning square dial. This time design seems to be more of a focus than the novelty factor. You also get two clock faces: a Roman and a conventional one.

But, as it’s a cheap one at about $17, there are also some quirks: first of all, while it looks high-quality and monolithic when watched from the front, you’ll immediately notice that it’s an empty shell made of pretty cheap plastic.
Then – but it might not be a problem for most people – there’s a regular cheap quartz movement in there. It only uses one battery, was very simple to implement, but I guess you’ll still get to hear the tick every second, and for me that’s a pretty big nuisance.

Other than that, it really looks nice, and would look good on most modern desks.

There are two other nice-looking clocks on the product page, but I don’t understand the language. All I can tell you is what can be seen: both are about the same size as this one, and one is also a cog clock, while the other encompasses two spinning drums within a hourglass, one for the minutes and one for the hours.

Here’s a picture of the trio; found via Geek Alerts.

3 cool clocks

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