Key Carbon keystroke logger

keycarbon.jpgEver wondered how you will find out about somebody else’s passwords the sneaky way? Why, use the Key Carbon keystroke logger, of course! It has enough space to store over 90,000 words with its 512K memory. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping around your Key Carbon files since the program will install itself whenever you enter a certain password and uninstall itself when the program is closed, ensuring the integrity of your data. The Key Carbon keystroke logger retails for $190 a pop.

Source: Uberreview

2 thoughts on “Key Carbon keystroke logger”

  1. The description of how the USB device works sounds complicated. However, the device is meant to work on Mac, Linux and Windows, therefore I don’t think it actually activates any ‘program’. I think that typing in your password activates/deactivates the logger as with most other keyloggers.

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