Tank Combo Leopard vs Abrams


While big boys have their expensive toys, the wage earner can always settle for something less and let his imagination run amok as with the Tank Combo Leopard vs Abrams set.

The micro VS Tank Combo Set is the latest in micro-sized infrared battle tanks offering intense battles and excitement on your tabletop. These beautifully designed and detailed Leopard (winter) and Abrams (desert) camouflage tanks are only 3 inches long offering full control, high maneuverability and fast action. Features included are infra-red cannon & machine gun, recoiling action, hitting action, life counting action and sound function. There is a battle field zone mat in gray and earth colors, with slope, corner and extension connectors to enhance game play. You can re-charge the tanks directly from the hand controllers. Play three official games of Sumo, Cowboy or Duel and War. In Sumo push your opponent out of the ring like the Japanese sport.

It will retail for £49.98 from Otherland.