Spy Gear Eye Link Communicators X2


I think we all know that this generation of youth is addicted to text messaging. No doubt the future will bring all sorts of business that must be done via text, just like many of us conduct our business via email, a media that didn’t even exist two decades ago. Therefore, it is imperative that the even younger generation, ages 5-10, learn the ways of text messaging before they get pwned by their friends. This is where the Eye Link Communicators X2 from Wild Planet’s Spy Gear collection comes into play. You can get them at the Spy Gear website for $34.95, and it comes with two transmitters and headset displays.

The transmitter fits on a head (preferably small) and has a tiny LCD display that covers one eye. The transmitter is attached to a miniature QWERTY keypad, where you can type in any message of choice and hit “Send”. The receiver then gets a message that banners across their display.

I found that working these things turned out to be somewhat relatively easy. Occasionally, there was a problem when I would type a text message while the other was sending me one. However, the instructions were easy and it was quite easy to get the hang of this.

Speaking of the instructions, they say the Eye Link Communicators can transmit up to 200 feet, even going through walls. I guess this wouldn’t be something that adults need, but for kids this might help them play together and learn a skill that will be valuable in the future.

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