HD VMD lands in India


bollywood-hdvmd.jpgThose living in Europe and the US have been able to enjoy High Definition movies and TV shows for quite some time now, but the world is a much larger place than you imagine. India is the latest country in the world to benefit from high definition movies as New Medium Enterprises has released the first Multi Layer Disc and Player format in the world along with High Definition Bollywood film titles in India. This new format ain’t no HD DVD or Blu-ray – it is HD VMD (High Definition Versatile Multilayer Disc) instead – read all about it in our previous post.

This new HD VMD Multilayer Player will be able to play new Bollywood content that comes with Hindi, Tamil and English language support, with plans to include all regional languages eventually. In addition, this is the week where the HD VMD Bundle Box will be launched, containing five HD titles that will retail for approximately $293 after conversion via Indian retailers as well as e-commerce sites for Asian audiences who are currently residing overseas. This is good news, since the penetration rate of high definition plasma and LCD displays in living rooms all over the world are pretty impressive, although the lack of high definition content in these areas is rather disturbing.

The introduction of HD VMD by NME aims to revolutionize the home entertainment market in Asia, being the first in line to bring in the HD red laser format to consumers in this part of the world. Not only that, this HD VMD Player is backwards compatible with your existing DVD collection so you don’t have to worry and scratch your head, thinking of just where you would want to store them while you build up a whole new collection all over again. In addition, the price of HD VMDs aren’t too far away from DVDs since it shares the same manufacturing process based on existing DVD production and industrial infrastructure. As if two formats aren’t a big enough headache, we now have one more to think about before parting with our hard-earned money.

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