Hitachi LCD HDTVs go thin


hitachi-ultra-thin-lcds.jpgHitachi engineers have sent their new line of extremely thin LCD HDTVs to the fat house before releasing it to the masses, measuring a mere 1.5″ in thickness. This amazingly svelte LCD TV will definitely look good in any living room and will come in three sizes at first, measuring 32″, 37″ and 42″ with future iterations to be larger as time goes by. Dubbed the Ultra Thin series, these Hitachi offerings will hit the Japanese market in December 2007 while those living across the Pacific will have to wait until early next year – guess dads in the US won’t benefit from a new slim LCD HDTV this Christmas, eh?

According to Hitachi, these new displays can achieve such a level of slimness courtesy of their proprietary implementation of a technology known as External Electrode Florescent Lamp (EEFL) that brings forward a higher level of power efficiency whilst delivering an improved and more flexible color accuracy. In addition, each TV will be able to last longer due to this technology, which is kinda irrelevant as a standard LCD or plasma TV today will be able to last a good 15 years or more continuously.

Some people might think – something this thin will surely have to give up a feature or two? Thankfully, Hitachi did not cut corners while removing the fat. In fact, it boasts a vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees as well as the inclusion of Picture Master Full HD – Hitachi’s very own High Definition image processing engine that will analyze and process the image at a high speed, providing quality pictures by optimizing contrast frame by frame while adjusting the hue, saturation and brightness pixel by pixel using 3D data. Not only that, Hitachi engineers had the foresight to include a circuit designed to enhance the crispness in scenes to capture subtle details like those found in human skin.

Source: Gizmag

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