World of Warcraft Action Figures

wow-figures.jpgWill the World of Warcraft craze die down anytime soon? Probably not, which is why it would be a prudent idea to pick up these World of Warcraft action figures as an investment for your kids’ college fund many years down the road. Who knows, these could end up being precious collectibles…or worthless pieces of junk.

Get a full set today and never have to hunt for the hard to find female again (action figure geeks…you know what we mean!) This first wave from DC Direct includes: Rehgar Earthfury, the legendary Orc Shaman; Thargas Anvilmar, the indomitable (and slightly flatulent) Dwarf Warrior; Meryl Felstorm, the fearsome Undead Warlock; and Valeera Sanguinar, the stealthy and seductive Blood Elf Rogue. Each one features appropriate articulation, accessories, and some of the best sculpting this side of Silvermoon City. And we’re selling them as a four pack, just to make it easier for you to collect them all. Buy them now, before the lich king’s minions pwn u like a chakin n00b. /end

Each set of four includes the Orc Shaman, Blood Elf, Dwarf Warrior, and Undead Warlock, retailing for $49.99.