Samson USB Mic: for the rocker in you

by James


If you’re a budding rocker just starting a band and looking for a recording deal, or maybe just a wannabe who enjoys playing with Garage Band, Samson has just come out with a new Microphone that’s USB supported. Dubbed the G-Track, this USB condenser microphone incorporate a built-in audio interface and mixer, with input jacks for vocals and guitar, bass, or keyboard while also providing monitoring through an on board headphone output.

The idea of creating a high quality USB studio mic will appeal to all sorts of musicians who user their PCs to lay down tracks and mix them in such audio favorites as Audacity, Garage Band, or even CakeWalk. But what’s disappointing is that instrument inputs are mono. How AM is that for the iPod generation? Nonetheless, it’s a start and practiced engineers will figure out a way to increase it’s capability, or simply bypass the onboard audio jacks in favor of their own mixer solutions. But for those who perform on the road, the G Track represents a good way to put together a show without having to invest in a lot of sound design equipment.

The G Track sports a large diaphragm studio condenser, Instrument/Line gain control and clip LED, Stereo input jacks for instruments or line level signal, stereo headphone jack for no latency monitoring with level control, 3-position headphone switch for stereo, mono, computer monitoring, USB bus-powered and compliant. Comes with desktop mic stand, swivel stand mount, USB cable and all the cables needed to connect any musical instrument with a standard 1/4″ or RCA output. It also comes with Cakewalk’s Sonar LE.

Costs around $130.00. Shockmount optional.

Source: Shiny Shiny

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