Office Space Box of Flair


officespace_boxofflair.jpgHere’s a little gift idea to help you build bridges in the office, and this box of flair would definitely go a long way in exchange for some goodwill whenever you need assistance to get out of a tight spot.

With this little kit, you’ll get fifteen flair buttons printed with fun sayings and designs. Such classics as I can set the building on fire; I dream of doing nothing; Did you get the memo?; Drew making his “O Face;” and even a picture of Brian, the man with flair. You also get a 32-page book that recalls the many hilarious moments in the film, while further explaining the buttons connections with the movie. With the Office Space Box of Flair, you’ll always be prepared to “express yourself.

A box of flair will set you back by $7.99 from ThinkGeek.

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