Battling R/C Dalek Set

rc_battling_daleks.jpgOne Dalek is bad enough, but you now have two to duke it out with your colleague in order to find a winner in your latest disagreement.

Each Dalek runs on a different R/C channel, so they won’t interfere with each other. They also yell out various Dalek phrases as you move them around (don’t worry – they also yell when they are hit). It may sound easy, but these little suckers are so fast, that scoring a hit is really a challenge. Get hit five times, and you lose (your Dalek will scream, “Aaaaaargh!”). Then, just reset and play again. For added fun, a Cyber Leader action figure is thrown into the mix. We suggest using him as a Cyber Cheer Leader! “Daleks! Daleks! Gooooooooo, Daleks!”

Each $69.99 purchase comes with a couple of 5″ R/C Dalek units, two control units, and a poseable Cyber Leader action figure.