Powertrain skates take pedestrians off road at quite a clip

by James


They feel like lead weights on your feet, but with the ability to travel up to 15 miles an hour, pedestrians and fans who can’t afford a Segway may not mind so much. The iShoes are the invention of Ilya Kaganovich from Plymouth, Minnesota, who, while on a trip to New York, thought there had to be a better way to get around town other than overpriced cab rides and jockeying for position on crowded subways. With the help of his brother Boris, who is an aerospace engineering student, they developed prototypes to test the concept. The iShoes were the result. And not only can they be used for going around town, but just about anywhere except the freeway.

But they’re more like those kids skates that attach to their shoes, rather than shoes themselves. The iShoes will come in sizes men’s sizes 8 to 12 and sizes 7 to 11 for women. They come with 4-inch wheels which not only give travelers increased stability at speed, but also an all terrain capability for extreme off roaders who want to experience an extreme day hike.

Two electrical motors provide maximum efficiency and mind blowing 15 mph maximum speed, and a battery range of 5-7 miles per charge. The iShoes are controlled by a cable which handles all acceleration and braking.

And although they weigh in at a cumulative 16 pounds, for the right person, they just might be a great way to get around downtown. Couple it with this bad boy and you could get going at quite a clip. Just remember that helmet.

Still in concept, so no price or availability just yet.

Source: The Giz (which has a cool video of them in action)

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Sat-Man Says: January 25, 2009 at 2:05 pm

I like the skates. They look incredibly cool. I have a motoized skateboard but with it having smaller wheels it would not go off road like these skates. I also have speed skates but again, they will not go off road. Sat

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