Latest Tech News – 24 October

by Tiago

Facebook and Microsoft

  • Microsoft invests on Facebook, leaves Google behind

The battle of giants between Microsoft and Google, to invest on the popular social website Facebook, has been won by M$. The website that was created in 2004 is valued at $15 billion and Microsoft is going to pay $240 million in order to get some goodies on Facebook.

What goodies are those? On top of owning 1.6% of the social site, Microsoft will also be able to sell ads outside of the US. Previously, there was already a deal (ending on 2011) that gave M$ the opportunity to sell banners close to the profiles of Facebook members.

Some numbers about Facebook:

– there are 250,000 new users being registered everyday
– 60% of those 250k are from the US
– currently there are close to 50 million users

  • Vonage calls can be hacked, according to Sipera Systems

According to a security firm based on Texas and named Sipera Systems, there is a big vulnerability on Vonage calls that makes them become easily hacked. What material is necessary to hack the internet calls? Just a Vonage phone subscriber’s name and a phone number.

If you are one of the 2.5 million Vonage customers, take proper action and don’t provide personal, private, and important information while talking on the phone. Interestingly enough, when contacted about this issue, the people from Vonage didn’t want to comment, so until they fix this security issue or make an announcement, your best bet is to pick a new carrier/service, or else be prepared to get some diverted calls.

Source – Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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