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by James


Thanks to ADDONICS, which has released the world’s first compact flash RAID controller. And what’s amazing is that it only costs $50 and can hold up to four cards with a current maximum storage capacity of 32 GB each. With the card filled to capacity with compact flash drive that can be configured as either corporately, as one large drive, individually as four separate drives, or in a RAID array to either save across all four drives simultaneously, or from one drive to the next the card isn’t cheap, but ironically, the card itself is the affordable part, with 32GB Compact flash cards going for almost $700.

Still, the card shows where the storage industry is heading, away from large capacity, fast spinning hard drives, and towards solid state flash drives that have essentially no moving parts, use less power and are extremely silent. And with the current high cost also comes blinding speed. Much faster than hard drive based RAID arrays. The CF card has been at speeds close to 40 MB/sec sustained data transfer separately and pushing near 80 MB/sec in a RAID array.

That’s fast. And it’s only the beginning, as researchers are saying the CD RAID arrays are definitely the next logical step

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Dexx Says: October 23, 2007 at 11:03 pm

and what if i put 2 of this 80 MB/sec card in in raid

terry Says: June 22, 2008 at 11:43 am

Hold on there DEXX; Lets not put the cart before the horse. You’ve seen this card do 80 mb/s ! ?
I try in vainly to wait for “the truth to ring” when I hear it; But what I have heard one to many times, is that this card slows down !, when increasing the number of cf’s from two to four ? And the only sumwhat lagit. test I’ve found claims 40 mb/s ! A single CF (233mb/s) or better will do that. The only word you have to know is “DMA” And thats because there are well over a thousand CF to IDE adaptors, for a dollar,on EBay, that are not ! They max at 20mb/s. DMA and UDMA are your clues to a CF to IDE adaptor to do the job. But don’t assume!; that is, that a $24 name brand adaptor with “those words” will cut the mustard. In fact I have had no responce from “Addonics” and a $3 CF to IDE DNA – UDMA from China, has been benchmarked by the Hong Kong supplier and a users who says it listed (in Linux) as UDMA 4 and exceeded 40mb/s with a “Scandisk Extreme 4” The CF to SATA are poping up at 50mb/s benches (faster CF though) and these may break the bank at $5 to $8 (China) The final point is that a “no card needed” USB flash will max out about 33mb/s (with 233x – 266x memory) So a $50 card and two or four high speed CF’s!?!. LUCIE GOT SOME SPLAIN’IN TO DO !


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