Latest Tech News – 22 October

AT&T and Napster work together

The biggest mobile service available on the US – AT&T – and another giant of the digital music service – Napster – will be working together again in the near future to provide wireless downloads of songs from the Napster catalog.

The prices at AT&T can be considered expensive when comparing to iTunes and Sprint Nextel, both sell songs at $0.99 each. In case you are wondering, on AT&T there is a bundle offer that lets you download five songs for $7.49, and single songs cost $1.99 – twice the price of iTunes/Sprint.

For the AT&T director – Rob Hyatt – the high price is suppose to be attractive to “young music fans” that want to make instant purchases, but I have my doubts about that.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in not having limitations on the number of song-downloads per month, Napster offers a monthly subscription fee of $15 for mobile devices (cellphones, PDAs, etc) and $10 for computers.

Some numbers according to a research made by ICD:

– In 2007, it is expected that 10 million US consumers will buy/download 70 million songs directly to the cellphone. In 2011, the number goes up to 44 million consumers. I wonder how many consumers there will be in 2020 that still download songs…

FedEx to get diesel hybrids vans

On top of the 95 hybrid-electric vehicles that FedEx already has in different parts of the world – US, Canada, and Japan – there will be 10 more eco-friendly vans added to the European fleet, more specifically in Turin (Italy).

The vans are made by Iveco (part of Fiat) and there will be a sample unit at the European Road Transport Show – in Amsterdam October 25 through November 3.

Source – Reuters and CNet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer