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The Internet tablet idea was pretty groovy when it was introduced in the form of Nokia’s 770 Internet tablet a couple of years ago – after all, having a device that surfs the Web wirelessly while supporting email, Internet radio, an RSS news reader, an image viewer and media playback capability certainly sounds like a dream. Fast forward a couple of years later, you would probably think that such a device is actually a cellphone, hence doing away with the need for something like the Nokia 770. Or is it? Apparently Nokia thinks otherwise, releasing the N810 Internet tablet that essentially does the same thing as before, save for updated hardware to keep up with the times. It seems that the target market are casual Internet users who want to browse the Web while commercials are being shown, or for those who need to check their email without having to lug around a laptop wherever they go. More on the Nokia N810 after the jump.

Nokia has described the Nokia N810 as “a new phase” in portable Internet communication, taking advantage of WiFi hotspots to get you connected. According to Nokia Vice President Ari Virtanen, the Nokia N810 “packs the power of a traditional computer into a pocket-sized format.” Users will not only able to keep up with the latest news on the Internet with this device, but they can also make VoIP calls to keep in touch with loved ones, with video support built in thanks to the integrated VGA camera. An integrated GPS chipset is something new, helping you stay on track even in unfamiliar territory while voice-guided navigation makes driving safer as you get to keep both eyes on the road, relying on your listening skills to reach your destination safely.

Nokia has slapped a recommended retail price of $479 for the N810 – pretty pricey if you ask me. Would you call this an Internet-capable GPS navigation system, or a GPS-capable portable Internet device? I suppose it depends on where you’re looking from.

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