Latest Tech News – 19 October

by Tiago

nhl-heated-skates.jpgNew skates for NHL players
Therma Blade is the name of the company that will provide a new kind of skate blades to be used on the NHL. The special feature about the new blades, is that they can be heated in order to provide a better performance when skating.

There is a rechargeable battery for the resistor that heats the blade, which can make the temperature go to 5 degrees Celsius (or 41 degrees Fahrenheit) and the final result is making the players become faster, and at the same time, save energy.

There isn’t an announcement saying that the blades can be used on official matches, and that is why 10 players will be testing them during November.

Dash – More than a GPS system
Many people are hyped about the upcoming GPS system called Dash, and for a good reason because its features are pretty good. The latest announcement is related to the new Dash made specifically for cars and called Dash Express, that is suppose to be ready for shipment in the early days of 2008.

One of the main features is the permanent connection to the Internet, a feature that is rare to see in other GPS systems. Consequently, the internet connection creates new functions, such as being able to connect to other Dash devices, and programming routes by using the Web browser.

Another good surprise is that everyone can build applications for Dash, because it will be using an open platform. Other features include being able to read RSS and KML content from the net, showing data from Upcoming, and more functions related with websites.

The Dash team will demo the platform with its own apps, including one that links into a Zillow API, presumably so you can drive down the street and see on your device just how much the houses you’re passing by are worth.

Sources – Reuters and Cnet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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