Latest Tech News – 17 October


Laptop stolen with 10,000 employees’ info of Home Depot
A laptop was stolen today, but not just any laptop – one with personal information of Home Depot employees, close to 10,000 people were indirectly affected by this theft.

The notebook was stolen from a car belonging to a regional manager of Home Depot, and according to this person, the computer was password protected so it isn’t all that bad. What kind of personal information was stored on the notebook? Names, home addresses, and some social security numbers of the Home Depot staff.

A spokesman of HD, Ron DeFoe, says that the manager who got his laptop stolen violated the company policy, so I bet he is really in trouble for leaving such important information inside his car.

eBay keeps growing (in dollars)

The most popular online auction site of the world – eBay – has provided information about the third-quarter earnings, and it has improved up to 30% when comparing to last year, making a total of $1,89 billion, in sales.

Interestingly enough, there is some data that makes you think that eBay sales would drop: it has the same number of active members as last year – 83 million; the number of auctions dropped by 5% in 2007; and the “economic activity” of eBay also dropped to 17% when comparing to 2006. This 3 negative points weren’t enough to make the sales drop, which means that the value of the items probably got more expensive, right?

But don’t think that everything is going good at eBay, their most damaging point was the net loss valued at $936 million, caused by Skype.

Source – NYTimes

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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  1. The company I work for has a mandatory policy that all laptops are encrypted with PGP whole disk encryption. It sucks to loose a laptop where I work, but at least you only have to worry about replacing it and not about the data on there.

  2. Looks like CG is moving away from gadgets and into the boring news business. I don’t come here for tech news, I come here for gadgets!

  3. Thanks for the comment Shawn. We certainly concentrate on gadgets but do report on the odd bit of tech news from time to time, though come on Tiago we want more gadgets

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