Latest Tech News – 16 Oct

by Tiago

Jammie Thomas
* Kazaa user Jammie Thomas asks for new trial – from $222,000 to $150

All the way from Minnesota comes a story about a woman named Jammie who was using Kazaa to share music online, one of the RIAA people was able to download music from her computer (this is illegal, kids) and she had to go on trial. Once there, she was given a penalty valued at $222,000. Too much? Too little? You decide.

Fast forward to today – She decided to ask for a new trial and in case that happens, there are suggestions to drop the high valued penalty and make it go from zero to $150. *hmmmm*

Best of luck, Jammie!

* Airbus A380 Jumbo Jet, Finally!

The long-waited Airbus A380 was finally delivered to Singapore Airlines. In case you are wondering why I’m talking about an airplane, take note that the A380 is the world’s largest passenger plane – according to Cnet, of course.

Inside the new Jumbo you can find a business class that can hold 60 people, and each one has a 15″ LCD screen, while on the other class (economy) the screen measures 11″.

More details about the spectacular Airbus A380:

  • 12 private compartments with good extras such as leather seats and a 23″ TV so you can watch movies/TV, and even work
  • double beds – imagine a honeymoon inside of a plane, or something like that.
  • the Jumbo is so good there are more 16 customers that haved asked for 189 units – imagine the pollution?

Check some photos if you’re interested to see what the inside of a luxury plane looks like.

Source – CNet News
Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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