SALAGAR Symphony S210 self-amplified speaker


salagar-symphonys210.jpgSALAGAR Sonics recently released its Symphony S210 self-amplified speaker that is capable of producing full, rich sound from its stylish cabinet that draws design inspiration from centuries of musical instrument design. According to Salahuddin Khan, SALAGAR co-founder and president, “Consumers will immediately recognize the Symphony S210 for its distinctly rounded cabinet shape resembling instruments from the string family. This design facilitates an even distribution of cabinet stress, realized by creating a curved walled, airtight vessel, to reduce dramatically cabinet coloration for high quality sound production across all audible frequencies.” I suppose in a nutshell, that means you get great sounding audio – ’nuff said.

The Symphony S210 includes X-ACT active digital crossover/controller technology along with a quartet of switch selectable programs to optimize the frequency response and sensitivity of the speaker according input and input source and room setting. In essence, the SALAGAR X-ACT digitally processes inputs at a high resolution, 24 bits 96 KHz sampling, and applies SALAGAR’s proprietary digital filters to divide the signal between the high frequency and mid-bass transducers to produce a balanced, musical sound from virtually any source.

In addition, the Symphony S210 holds the distinction of being the first within the high-end consumer category to integrate Class D amplification technology from ICEpower (a division of Bang & Olufsen) in order to power the system’s two transducers. These modules are capable of operating with six to eight times the standard efficiency of Class AB amplifiers at an extremely high density while generating just a little bit of heat. By integrating these into the Symphony S210’s sealed speaker, it eliminates the need for bulky and unsightly external amplifiers whilst single balanced XLR inputs are used to replace traditional speaker cables. The SALAGAR Symphony S210 will be available in five different woods and eight standard automotive grade paint finishes at a wallet bustin’ $7,999 per pair. At that price, you can also opt for the company to customize these speakers according to your own specifications, including rich leather, mother-of-pearl and 24K gold plating after paying even more.

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