Solar Powered Courtesy Light

solar-sensor-light.jpgFor those who always wanted to light up their garden at night but do not have the budget for it, here’s a practical solution that doesn’t require you to fork out extra dough for your monthly power bill. The Solar-powered Courtesy Light will harness all the energy required to function from sunlight alone, which means there aren’t any pesky wiring to contend with as well.

Whether it’s a welcoming light for guests, a security light for you or a practical light to lead the way and help you find your keys, our Solar Sensor Light delivers a fantastic solution. The Solar Sensor Light turns on automatically when motion is detected and off after 1 minute. And the best bit? Its battery is powered solely by sunlight, so no wires are required, making it ideal for emergency use as you can rely on this practical chap all year round.

This home improvement device retails for £24.95 from Gizoo.

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