Going faster on or under the water with SeaBob

by James


It may cost a small fortune (about $14,000), but the latest Seabob, called the Cayago Magnum is one fast water rocket . Faster than the one we reported on last Spring. And although not literally a rocket, it’s 10 speed electric motor (powered by 30 CAYAGO-Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators) gets up and goes to reach a maximum speed of about 30knots, even at extreme depths. And with a four hour battery life between charges, that’s some intense and sustained thrill seeking.

And it may be just what the Navy Seals and other special forces are looking for to perform covert operations near coastlines. And that is SeaBob’s primary demographic as it’s key feature is total silence. The Magnum also features a “comprehensive navigation and location system,” which is helpful for long-range travel in uknown territories. And it has the grand ability to give it’s pilots a dolphin’s eye view of the ocean or lake surrounding them. That’s a prime attractor for thrill seekers and tourists looking for a little underwater adventure.

And even though the price point makes it only attractive to the military and the super rich, it’s a fairly new technology … which means that over time the price will drop to eventually court boating and jetskiing fans looking for some fresh thrillseeking.
At the very least, we’ll probably see it in the next James Bond flick.

Cool video here.

Source: GizMag

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