Massaging Bath Pillow keeps stress away


massage-bath-pillow.jpgStress and the office often go hand-in-hand, which is why it is important to de-stress when you get back. What better way than to take a nice, warm bath with a glass of milk and some cookies at hand? Oh yeah, not forgetting the Massaging Bath Pillow.

The Massaging Bath Pillow is made from high density foam for exceptional comfort and support, and features smooth, contoured edges, allowing you to rest your neck, lower back and legs on the Massaging Bath Pillow for a complete pampering experience. It fixes securely to your bath thanks to three removable suction cups and can be completely submerged under water. Once you are comfortable all you need to do is switch the massaging pillow on by selecting the high or low speed setting. Pulsating massage vibrations then sweep over the localized area, relieving stress and easing tension for one of the most relaxing baths you will ever enjoy.

Relieve some of that dreaded office stress when you come home today with the Massaging Bath Pillow for £14.95. If you want an alternative, you can find it in the Tranquil Sounds Massaging Bath Pillow.

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