CastGrabber™ – Automatically Download Podcasts without a PC


Cast Grabber

If you’re a fan of Podcasts then CastGrabber might just make your life a little easier. The concept behind CastGrabber is pretty simple, you tell it which Podcasts you want to listen and when new ones become available it will automatically download them to your MP3 player, what makes this different to software solutions is it doesn’t require a PC.

To use you need to connect the CastGrabber to your network (presently it doesn’t support Wi-Fi so you’ll need a physical Ethernet connection), connect your PMP (Portable Media Player) via USB to the CastGrabber and then set which PodCasts to download either via a web browser or Microsoft Media player.

I do like the idea of this, it means you can turn your PC off over night, hook up your iPod and you’ve got a shed load of stuff to listen to on the morning commute without the hassle of booting up in the morning. There’s no mention of price or availability just yet but you can find out more info on the CastGrabber site.

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