Samsung SPH-P9200 UMPC details

Samsung SPH-P9200

Samsung already has some cool UMPCs (that is Ultra Mobile Personal Computers for the non-geeky personas), like the Q1 that was launched in 2006, and its big-brother Q2, but the latest news are about the SPH-P9200 – a beauty in terms of design and features – that was presented earlier this year at the 4G Forum 2007 that took place in Korea.

Like you can see on the image, the keyboard on this UMPC can be unfolded for all the occasions when you actually want to use a QWERTY styled keyboard. And when you want to make it smaller + compact, just fold the keyboard and you’re good to go – your choice.

In terms of technical specifications, the Samsung SPH-P9200 which is also known as Deluxe MIT, comes with a small 5-inch touchscreen display that provides a “normal” 800×480 resolution. Not too shabby, but not brilliant either, I guess it is good enough for its size. The processor is powered by a VIA C7-M that runs at 1GHz, and the RAM memory includes 512MB, while on the hard-drive there is space for 30GB.

On the connections department there are 3 wireless options, more exactly the usual WiFi, HSDPA, and last but not least, WiBro, which according to the wiki is a “wireless broadband Internet technology being developed by the Korean telecoms industry”.

There are 2 values for the battery life, depending on what type you use – 2 to 2,5 hours while using the “standard” battery, or 5 hours when using an extended battery. Additionally, the SPH-P9200 UMPC comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, an optical joystick, and a port replicator that includes 2 USB ports, LAN, VGA, and the power mode.

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Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

3 thoughts on “Samsung SPH-P9200 UMPC details”

  1. I think this is the perfect business mobile computer as it looks like it might fit in a jacket pocket? Where can I buy one? I think this is the best design thus far for mobile devices. I really hate those thumb devices.

  2. Finally a practical ultra mobile device. I’ve been amazed that it has taken this long for computer companies to realize that most of us just prefer a touch type keyboard. I would love to buy one of these to replace my laptop.

  3. Even after CES 2008, this still looks like one of the best computers. All the devices I have seen at CES lack the touch type keyboard built in. I hope Samsung starts to sell them outside of Korea. Their marketing savy is pretty poor when they have a leading edge form factor that they created over a year ago and they have not capitalized on it and marketed it out of Korea?

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