Super high res OLEDs for mobiles? Anytime now..

by Andi

samsung hqOLED The advantages of OLED displays are undeniable: they are thin, energy saving, and offer great contrast and color values. The downside? It’s expensive, and hard to make.

Look at Sony‘s latest foray: an impressive, yet small and very expensive device, proving that OLED isn’t yet consumer technology.

Samsung (world leader in LCD display production) claims to have found a way to bring high quality OLEDs to the masses. They’ve found a manufacturing process that not only reduces the cost of making these things, but also allows cramming a WVGA resolution in a 3 inch display.

Such a display would mean laser-print quality of the displayed image in any lighting conditions, and less battery consumption, for any mobile device where it would be used.

Thinking that my phone has a 416×354 pixel screen that already looks like laser print, I’m really eager to see the glory of such a screen in a phone. Best luck to Samsung!

thanks übergizmo

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