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Speed Litez

I’ve always found the neon lights that boy racers put under their cars some what tacky (then again maybe thats because I drive a heap of junk), speed-lites are the same sort of thing for blades and actually look rather cool as well as being a safety feature.

Speed-litez A ground effects lighting system for Rollerbladers!!! Solves the problem of the lack of visibility of the roller skater to his or her surroundings. Speed-Litez can be seen in excess of 500 feet away to pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles and will provide some warning to them to prevent collisions as well as provide style, uniqueness, and fashion to the growing sport of roller blading.

I couldn’t see a method of ordering these, but further info and contact details can be found on the speed litez site.

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Sullivan McCurdy Says: December 5, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Im the patent owner of Spee-Litez. I have not been able to secure funding to create Speed-Litez so was unable to create them further than the prototytes you see in the picture.

For more information Contact Sullivan McCurdy
100 Daffodil Court, Radcliff, LY 40160
[email protected]

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