Pioneer announces new canal headphones


pioneer-canal-headphones.jpgCanal headphones have long been touted to be the best method if you’re looking for great quality sound in a compact package. Pioneer has announced a couple of new canal type headphones, namely the SE-CLX9 and SE-CLX7. Both of them use the same technology, producing 105dB with a maximum output of 100mW, an impedance of 32Ω, working on a bandwidth of 20Hz to 20kHz. What sets either headphones apart is the material used – the CLX9 is made from aluminum while the CLX7 uses simple metal. There are also 5 different nozzles that enable you to experience different music, namely High Tune 1, High Tune2, Standard, Bass Tune1, and Bass Tune 2.

Source: Akihabara News

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