Garlic Vodka is one rockin’ drink


garlicvodka.jpgFor those of you who think that you’ve practically tried every kind of alcoholic drink that there is under the sun, think again. Here at Coolest Gadgets, drinking is but our favorite past time, but this is the first time we’ve heard about Garlic Vodka.

This unique garlic-flavored vodka is produced by the Vodochnaya Artel “YAT”, a Russian distillery. It is actually part of a new product line of strongly flavored vodkas better known by the company as “bitter nastoykas”. The company has also released horseradish-flavored vodka. It is said that the drink complements and enhances the flavor of certain dishes and it is also believed to help prevent a cold.

One thing’s for sure – it’ll definitely keep away any vampires should they happen to stumble upon you late at night. I wonder what the effect this has on a breathalyzer test…

Source: Book of Joe

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