SonoSite M-Turbo Portable Ultrasound


sonosite-m-power.jpgSonoSite, Inc. has just launched a spanking new portable ultrasound system that will cater to a variety of clinical applications, boasting new power computer processing capabilities courtesy of Microsoft and Texas Instruments. It will use DaVinci technology from the latter, integrated high definition video processing along with custom selected on-chip components. What you get with the M-Turbo includes an increase in processing power of up to 16 times despite weighing less than the MicroMaxx system, bringing dramatic improvements in image quality simply by running many advanced algorithms simultaneously. Some of these algorithms will be described after the jump.

SonoADAPT Tissue Optimization – automatically adjusts imaging parameters depending on exam type and patient size based on imaging depth thereby eliminating time-consuming and complicated clinician manipulation of multiple controls.

SonoHD Imaging Technology – leverages the exponentially increased processing power to reduce speckle noise and other image artifacts while preserving and sharpening tissue information and enhancing the aesthetic and clinical value of the image.

SonoMB Multi-beam Imaging – further enhanced and now available on all M-Turbo transducers, including the phased array transducer to facilitate cardiac and abdominal examinations, SonoMB technology was first introduced in April 2007 as a software upgrade for the MicroMaxx system. Clinicians have praised its ability to increase resolution of small structures and enhance border delineation while maintaining temporal resolution.

According to Kevin M. Goodwin, SonoSite President and CEO, “The M-Turbo system brings razor sharp image quality, user simplicity and speed to the time-driven, point-of-care clinical setting. Alongside the successful MicroMaxx system, M-Turbo underscores and extends our leadership in the hand-carried ultrasound market. With M-Turbo, we have created a powerful and versatile imaging tool for applications across the clinical spectrum while further simplifying the user interface yet maintaining system ruggedness and the rapid boot time our products are known for.” I suppose the layman would have no need for this, while folks from a medical background will probably wet their pants at such news.

Source: Medgadget

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