Get your Geek On, look cool, while still being awkward

by Fred

Geek Work ShirtYes, every day you have to get up and wear clothes. Typically it’s a fact of life.

Maybe you work somewhere really cool where they have naked Tuesdays, or some other special corporate program. If not, you’re gonna need some clothes! Here’s a small bit of great shirts you can get, just in case you plan of covering your upper body on a daily basis.

How is this Gadget related?

You need to be wearing that certain special something that says, “Quite frankly I’d rather be operating something with a mouse, or joystick rather than occupying the same space as you here. Thank you I’m going home now.”

Does what you’re wearing say that?

If not, why not try some of the great gear over at Think Geek like this Geek Work Shirt.

If you’re not down with that look you could hear over to DS4 Design and check out the Steve, or I’m not Steve shirts. Let people know if you live in Cupertino or not, or simply mess with the dude in the next cube.

Steve and I’m not Steve Shirts

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