Shenzen Aude Technology rolls out new PMP



When the words ‘portable media player’ are mentioned, most people would think of the iPod and upcoming Zune revision. After all, those are considered the industry standards to follow (by virtue of their popularity especially in Apple’s case) although plenty of people would say that Sony by far and large makes better quality PMPs. What happens when a company from China called the Shenzen Aude Technology comes up with their very own PMP? What are some of the specifications that you would expect to see? Let’s take a look at their offering in greater detail after the jump.

This simple PMP is capable of keeping you entertained on the road with built-in NES circuitry, but unlike a gazillion other devices that are out in the market these days with pre-loaded NES emulators, it features an actual NES cartridge slot for you to insert old school NES carts inside (if they’re still working, of course). I wonder whether Nintendo has seen this thing, and how soon will it be before they unleash their lawyers upon this Chinese company? Other than play NES games, you also get an integrated DVD player, an analog TV receiver, FM receiver, and USB ports that by far and large would probably be used to plug in the game controllers (which were unimaginatively designed in the form of the PSOne controller). Some of the TV broadcast signals supported by this PMP include PAL B/G, PAL D/K, PAL I, SECAM B/G, SECAM D/K, SECAM L, and NTSC M.

The PMP also comes with a rather generous 8.4″ TFT display. No widescreen on this thing though as the aspect ratio stands at 4:3 at a 640 x 480 pixel resolution. 8.4″ sounds rather large, so you’re better off placing this in your bag on your travels rather than stuffing it down your pants that would surely cause an unsightly and obscene bulge. No word on pricing at this point in time though.

Product Page via Ars Technica

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