Anytrack releases a couple more GPS devices


anydata-gps.jpgAnytrack, a real-time GPS tracking device and service provider has just rolled out a couple more devices that target both business and consumer markets. These new releases can track just about anything, including important cargo, vehicles, pets, and even people. The first of the two is the GPS-130 that was specially designed to help shippers, retailers, transportation and logistics providers reduce the incidences of cargo theft while increasing supply chain security. According to the FBI, cargo thefts cost from $12,000 to $3 million per shipment, and totals approximately $15 billion every year, so making sure that everything is in good order is not being paranoid as some might think.

The GPS-130 is actually the combination of the AnyTrack GPS-100 and a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, packaged within a magnetic, impact-resistant case. As for the GPS-100, this tiny device measures a mere 2.36″ x 1.85″ x 0.8″ and won’t weigh down your pocket at 2.65 oz. It can also be be removed from the case for personal, individual use. Both of them are compatible with, AnyTrack’s proprietary real time asset management system that boasts features such as remote tracking from any PC, Automatic Tracking, Locate on Demand, and Location History.

According to Charles Napier, vice president of marketing for AnyDATA Corporation, parent company of AnyTrack, Inc., “The AnyTrack tracking units are unique from conventional GPS devices because only AnyTrack can determine its location without a direct line of sight to a satellite. The GPS-130 can track business assets that are in transit, stored in a warehouse or in a garage, almost anywhere in the U.S. The GPS-130 can report its location for weeks at a time while concealed in cargo or on a trailer.” The AnyTrack GPS-100 and the GPS-130 will come with a sticker price of $229 and $349 respectively, with real-time tracking service starting from $9.95 monthly.

Source: Gizmag

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