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stoplock1.jpgSo you have dropped more than a pretty penny on your new laptop, so might as well go the extra mile and put aside some more money for a physical security system. STOP-Lock from Secure-It, Inc. is one of those solutions that help prevent your latest acquisition from disappearing into thin air the moment you turn away from your table at Starbucks just to check out the local scenery. It is unique from other physical security systems in the sense where it comes complete with a tracking system and a locking mechanism, helping deter thieves from making a quick getaway.

How does STOP-Lock work? For starters, it comes with a highly visible but small metal plate that is attached securely to your laptop cover. I suppose it is somewhat as secure as a barnacle stuck to it since it would take up to 800 pounds of pressure to remove. Each plate also boasts unique barcode information that registers the computer with a national database, so you’ll be able to keep track of it no matter where it has gone to. A specially engineered lock is snapped into the security plate, while an ominous looking steel cable will keep the laptop anchored to nearby stationary objects such as chairs, desks, and tables. Guess the thief would have to remove these as well if they want that sweet piece of technology you just bought.

In addition, should the thief try to tear the plate off, there is a special gel that is used to chemically bond the plate to the computer which leaves an indelible “tattoo”, containing a toll-free phone number as well as a “Stolen Property” warning stamp, making it all but impossible to resell the computer. Well, at the very least the thief will have a new computer to surf Coolest Gadgets with 😛 Bad jokes aside, the utilization of technology like STOP-Lock will definitely go a long way in preventing information theft as well should your laptop go missing. Hopefully schools, colleges, government and private industries will place greater importance on security in this aspect.

Source: Gizmag

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