Windows XP won’t bow out so soon


windows-extends-xp.jpgLooks like even a powerful corporation like Microsoft will have to bow down to pressure from its customers, and the company has decided not to cut off life support from the Windows XP operating as it originally intended to. Where major PC manufacturers were supposed to stop selling XP-powered machines from January 31st onwards this year, they successfully lobbied Microsoft to allow them to do so until June 30 – basically an extension of five months. Microsoft currently aims to keep ye olde XP on retail shelves for a while longer, while enabling computer makers in upcoming markets to construct machines that run on the Windows XP Starter Edition until June 2010. That’s pretty good news to me – it means my XP machines ought to receive support at least until then, when Vista’s major bugs would be but history then.

In fact, Windows XP has been so popular that even several PC makers have launched an initiative that enables PC buyers to “downgrade” (it’s all a matter of perspective) their Vista Business and Vista Ultimate machines to Windows XP. Fujitsu even went so far as to include an XP restore disc in the box for each laptop it ships out that currently runs on Vista Business. Anyways, kudos on Microsoft’s part for extending the shelf life of XP as it gives those users more time to make the transition to Vista.

Anyone wants to give their two cents’ on why did Microsoft do a botch job on Vista? It really boggles the mind, as Windows XP brought about one of the most stable periods ever in the world of PCs where operating systems are concerned. Basically, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, I suppose they had to find new ways to make money, so why not come up with a newer, more expensive operating system?

Source: ZD Net

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