Now it’s time to say goodbye … to Disney Mobile

by James

Disney Mobile closes shop

In the Dog eat Dog world of the Cellular business, not even Pluto can catch a break. The House of the Mouse has announced that Disney Mobile will cease operations effective December 31, 2007. A three month warning is a nice warning to it’s customers (not even Amp’d gave more than a few days), but Mickey is going one step further by reimbursing the faithful for handsets, accessories and even downloaded music and other content purchased directly through Disney Mobile. Disney is even waiving all early termination fees for customers who’s bills are zero’d out (they’d better since they’re pulling the plug). Users are then free to port their phone number to any wireless carrier they choose.

This isn’t surprising Disney is notorious for not only pulling the plug on ancilliary enterprises that fail, but also on businesses that don’t make ENOUGH money! About 8 years ago, CLUB DISNEY – a regional children’s play center designed to compete with the likes of Gymboree – was widely considered to be closing for losing money. Not at all. According to executives on the inside, Disney has a set formula – a nut of profitability that businesses much reach or the Mouse doesn’t consider even a modest profit to be worth the hassle. This was the case with Club Disney.

And now it’s time to say goodbye for Disney Mobile.

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Neagle Says: September 29, 2007 at 7:48 am

Provide great service at an affordable price with a product that delivers value to the consumer with a long term goal and you can’t go wrong in a free market economy. Disney is only one of many companies who’s mindset was on quick profit to bolster investor interest for the benefit of a few CEO’s and board members when they choose to invest in the mobile industry. More will fall as the false inflated value of mobile service industry corrects itself. This type of mismanagement by companies only weakens the economic base of society.

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